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“Helping you stay safe in your workplace”

Here at ABC Health and Safety Consultancy we are committed to conforming strictly to all statutory legislation concerning the protection of data, including the Data Protection Act 1998.  This policy lays out the restrictions and safeguards we have in place to ensure any personal data gathered during our work is used only in accordance with data protection legislation.

We aim to provide Health and Safety Services that are safe to use and respect the right to privacy of all those with whom we have contact in the course of our business, be they Clients, potential Clients, or visitors to our website.  Such information is therefore deemed confidential and will not be disclosed under any circumstances except where disclosure is required by law (e.g. to the police or other government agencies).  We do not sell or pass on to any third party data concerning any individual or body corporate with whom we have contact or who have visited our website.

Use of information gathered in the course of our work outside the bounds of the terms laid down in this policy will only be made following the explicit consent of the individual or body corporate concerned.

This policy will be updated occasionally in accordance with any changes in the law and the date the policy was last revised can be found at the bottom of this document.

Version 1.3 - 15 January 2015

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